In June 8, 1999 the company was founded EMSEKO CZ sro (Ltd.). Its first activity was a rental property - commercial space on the waterfront Tyršovo in Zlin.

In Oktober 30, 2002 bought by EMSEKO CZ Ltd. from the bankruptcy trustee of HELLEX Ltd. property and technology for the manufacture of bags and films. Therefore, at 1.1. 2003, any plastic production company comes under EMSEKO UK Ltd. while maintaining continuity of production since 1994, located within the ZP Kvasicko in fermenting, District of (13 km from the city Zlin).

Production, we further expanded. From October 15, 2003 is put into operation a new extrusion lines for HDPE film, the EP type 65N, with a working width 1.300 mm, with deliveries Bookmarking foil width of 1,500 mm. The producer is QUEENS Machinery Ltd..

During 2004, the extension of the warehouse of 400 m2 and the capacity expanded storage options. Further, the repaired facade and courtyard. At the end of 2004 we also put into operation a production line for ready-made T-shirt bags, bags with side or bottom tab, sacks and bags. All of HDPE, LDPE, and mix in thickness from 30 microns.

In the second half of 2005 was put into another type GF-30/400 extruder, which is suitable for the production of small films, width 150-400 mm (for further use in the manufacture of small bags and T-shirt bags, bags for example, pharmacies and opticians). In late 2005 the new production line for the production of bags and small bags type GD-702C. This completed the basic set of technologies, so we were able to provide our customers with a maximum range of products of HDPE, LDPE own production without undue cooperation.

According to our information, we are the only direct producers in the CR (with a date of 1990), who are consistently able to produce such a range.

In March of 2006 commissioned a new flexographic printing line type QF 6100 for printing up to 6 colors, with a working width 1000 mm, the manufacturer is again QUEENS Machinery Company Ltd.. From November 20, 2007 is put into operation and extrusion lines for HDPE film width up to 1800mm. Again, for the new facility QUEENS Machinery Company Ltd.. Type METAMAX 65, two separate winder. The year 2010 was extended to the possibility of a simple in-line printing.

We currently have a processing capacity of 120 tons of HDPE films a month and half that quantity can be further processed into a film and then printed clothing (bags, pouches, T-shirt bags).